Ben's Windoors Inc. supply and install the best quality ABS PVC Door with new sustained technology to meet all your requirements. Our products have many strong points; water proof, various kinds of colors and shapes, corrosion resistance, easy to install, wide use for house, commercial and office buildings. Special color and design materials are used in door products to express sensibility, personality and class.


Technical Information


"ABS" stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


1. Door Panel




  • Elegant three-dimensional surface designs


The design patterns of ABS doors are integrated with the facade. You will appreciate our sophisticated three-dimensional designs that cannot be duplicated by wood doors.


  • Sturdy, Durable and Moisture proof


Manufactured from ABS, the durable plastic that is used for refrigerators and TV sets. Doors are made from PVC and are moisture proof, durable and shock resistant. The colors completely permeate all exposed materials. This eliminates the need for a separate coating. A simple cleaning with water makes the doors look as though they were installed just a moment ago, even after years of use.


  • Deformation and Corrosion resistance


With an internal frame of foamed PVC, doors designs offer superior strength and durability as well as immunity from warpage, splitting, and rot common to wood doors.


  • Easy Installation


ABS PVC doors are amazingly easy to install. They can be planned and, unlike plywood hollow core doors, you need never worry about splitting or the separation of laminated layers at the edges.


  • Solid seal


Provide a tight seal for sound proofing and are structurally rigid because of their rugged honey-comb core.


2. Door Frame

The best of the qualities of plastic doors

  • No warpage due to humidity or moisture
  • Indefinite lifetimes as they do not rot
  • Specially good for bedrooms and bathrooms

The same advantage as wood

  • They come in a wide range of permanent colors
  • Nails can be used for installation, just like wood doors and frames
  • The PVC foil finished surface has the feel of natural wood

High-Tech, environmentally friendly construction material

  • Made of plastic that is endlessly recyclable
  • One less requirement for wood helps to preserve our forests
  • The responsible alternative for our environment and the future