Automatic Single Sliding Door

A basic digital automatic door using a micro process and improved performance and diverse safety functions.

With a DC motor generating no heat or noise even used for long hours, the doors open and close smoothly.

All functions are controlled digitally with a microprocessor free from changes in exterior environment with a variety of 

built in options and security functions through control of exit and entrance is ensured.



1. Safety: Protects the hand left/right frame safety device in case the hand gets caught in the door.

2. Wind proof, Sound proof and air-conditioning and heating effetcs: Mohair is attached to four sides of the door 

for wind proof and sound proof effetcs, maximizing air conditioning and heating effetcs in the building.

3. Damage prevention: strengthened with upper, lower, left and right frames to prevent damage to the tempered doors.



Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism...