Steel Doors

Fire Resistance Steel Door


A fire resistant steel door is specially constructed to show or prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These doors are not designed to be completely fireproof, and are actually made of combustible materials. Though they will eventually burn in a fire, they will resist high levels of heat and flames to slow the fire for a specified period of time. By keeping the fire contained, fire doors may allow more occupants to safely exit the building during emergency. They may also help to protect property and assets while fire fighters work to put out the flames.



Fire Door Structure


A fire-resistance rating typically means the duration for which a passive fire protection system can withstand a standard fire resistance test. This can be quantified simply as measure of time, or it may entail a host of other criteria, involving other evidence of functionality or fitness for purpose.

Performance of Fire Door


Fire Door performance is specified as the one verified by the quality test implemented by the person designated by the Ministry of Construction and Transporatation according to the criteria notified by the said ministry or the Director of Korea Construction Technology Institute.


According to the provisions of Korea Industrial Standard stipulated by Industrial Standardization law, fire door shall be structured to ensure the performance of flame resistance over 1 hour for the Class A fire door and over 30 minutes for the Class B fire door.


Installation location of fire door

  • Openings of walls that is vertical components of fire zones
  • Access of sheltering stairs
  • stair corridor or elevator shaft, etc.