The new generation of retractable pergolas and roof systems Suntech’s range of architectural retractable pergolas and roof systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions, for a large range of residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s a retractable pergola for your backyard, courtyard or deck that you’re looking for, or a custom made roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project, there is a Suntech model to suit. Designed and built using only the highest quality materials, Suntech systems are manufactured to size for every project and offer a wind rating up to 117km/h to withstand even the harshest elements. Suntech systems are available in width dimensions up to 13m and maximum projection of 11m in one fabric - providing a solution to cover areas up to 143sq meters with a touch of button. Linking systems is also possible and made easy by our patented joining system that ensures 100% waterproof join every time.



Utilising European technology through a custom direct drive motor system to ensure smooth and quick operation coupled with high grade extruded aluminium profiles, stainless steel components and a second to none running system is why Suntech is at the forefront of our industry worldwide. The fire rated and 100% waterproof PVC fabric is available in a range of colours in both opaque and transparent that provides maximum stability and resistance to temperature, moisture and dirt.It does not shrink or bag, and the acrylic top coating makes it very easy to clean.




1. Stainless steel components – Long life parts suitable for all conditions.

2. High strength toothed operating belt with multiple reinforcing stainless steel wire strands embedded inside of belt – Less stretch and slippage from belt, rated to over 966kg.

3. Oversize pulling profile – Higher strength in pulling profile reduces flex and provides a taught fabric.

4. Eight wheeled drive slider carriages – Ensures smooth operation of system in all directions and removes chance of drive system jamming when in operation.

5. Integrated gutter & internal drainage system– Removes water from covered area.

6. Anti-drip edge system – Prevents water drips from coming inside of roof area.

7. Storm channel for joining tracks – Provides an invisible solution when joining systems to prevent water leaking between the rafters.

8. Compact 26rpm motor box – Insures direct drive from motor to belts and a quick operating time when rain hits.

9. Low profile integrated hood profile – Attractive covering for system when not in use to extend the life of the system.

10. Integrated lighting option – Provides a lighting solution for large areas without the need for additional wiring.

11. Quick attachment system for profiles with securing nuts – Reduces installation time and provides a load limit of 600kg per attachment point.