uPVC Window

Different Kinds of uPVC Windows

With regard to materials in general, the resistance of that material to heat loss is called its R-value and this unit is suitable for measuring the insulation capacity of materials that make up walls and roofs for example.  However because windows have to allow light through them, they interact very differently with the exterior environment than solid objects such as walls do.  For this reason a better measurement of the energy efficiency of windows is what is called the U-factor, which measures the rate that heat is transferred through the window unit.  A simple guide to help you remember the difference between the R-value of a material and the U-factor, is that the higher the R-value the better the energy efficiency of the material and the lower the U-factor, the better its insulation properties.



Fixed windows: Pretty much as they describe themselves – they do not open at any time.  A fixed house window ideal where ventilation is not an issue, but where security is.



Casement Windows: Window sashes opening on hinges that are generally (but not necessarily) attached to the upright side of its frame.  These windows open outwards as against sash windows, which slide up and down.  Casement windows are better in situations that are harder to reach as sashes can be difficult to open unless you are positioned properly.



Awning Windows: These are window frames that have one or more sashes hinged at the top and swinging outward.  These windows are specially desigpenefor the purpose of providing light and usually can be opened by swinging out the sash.  They allow in a lot of light and air when they are positioned properly.  They are also to be considered when privacy is to be desired.




Bay Windows: Bay windows are contained in an alcove of a room and these windows have glazing to 3 sides so they can catch the light from some angle, during a most of the daylight hours.  They have a style that adds to any residence and as well as being able to receive sunlight from many directions, they also have excellent views. They are most useful in the living areas of a home where views can be most appreciated.



Cleaning uPVC Doors And Windows.

There are quite a few actions that you can take to keep your replacement windows and doors clean and maintained.  If you want to use a cleaning agent on your windows, be sure to use a non-corrosive and a non-abrasive product.  A uPVC window frame can be scratched or stained quite easily if a harsh cleaning agent is used.  Soapy water works very well to give your windows a wash and a shine.  Even using a dry cloth can scratch these frames, so use a wet, lint free cloth to bring up a great shine on your windows.  One tip that I have heard of and I have used it myself is to try baby wipes on your window frames.  Well, you know the saying, ‘If it is soft enough for baby…’



Do not paint your uPVC windows and doors

Avoid scratching uPVC doors and windows if at all possible

Regular maintenance of all moving parts in your uPVC windows is to be encouraged also. Lubricate uPVC window locks with WD40 or a silicone spray and then use Vaseline or some other light grease to keep the metal parts protected.  uPVC sash windows like an application of silicone spray on the runners to keep them opening and closing smoothly.  Finally check that all uPVC window handles are opening and closing, that they have not loosened and that they are working the multi-point locking system properly.  If your  windows and doors are not closing properly, try using a vacuum cleaner in those hard to see parts of the framework, as there could be a piece of grit or dirt caught that is causing a problem.

Cleaning and maintaining uPVC windows and doors is much easier than trying to maintain other types of windows and doors and remember that well maintained front doors for homes create a good first impression. If you keep in mind what you should use on these windows and doors and also what you should not use, you should have very few problems with your uPVC doors and windows for many years.